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At Designer Double Doodles and Poodles (3D&P), we are a small family holistic breeder of unique doodles & poodles of all sizes. Our goal is to hold the puppies’ health, happiness, &  well-being as our top priority. We have a lot of experience in raising and rescuing many different animals. Since 2018, we have focused mainly on poodles and a few of the doodle hybrid breeds we feel are superior and of the finest quality. Our primary purpose is to breed and train our dogs to be the perfect companions, some have even become the best service and therapy dogs.


Our puppies are raised from birth in our family home with the best quality care and love. The parent dogs are our family pets or the family pets of our dogs that have been adopted to local guardian families. We strive for maintaining the best health of all our parent dogs, and therefore we will only have a few litters per year or less with different dams (momma dogs). All of our breeding dogs are chosen very carefully for the best temperments, 


Even though we are a small family breeder, we focus all of our knowledge and expertise on perfecting these magnificent doodles and specialize in raising beautiful doodle puppies with the best colors, traits and temperaments. Currently, we offer the most desirable Aussiedoodles, Bernadoodles, Goldendoodles, and Sheepadoodles, as well as, some very unique Double Doodles. Our puppies are raised with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), Early Scent Introduction, temperament testing, Puppy Culture Curriculum, and beginning Baxter and Bella puppy training.

We understand purchasing and raising a new puppy is a big commitment and here at 3D&P we do everything we can to provide our new puppy parents with the best practices and information for raising their beautiful dog from puppyhood to adulthood. This is why the puppy application process is so important, and we take all steps necessary to make sure each new owner will be providing a loving home for the life of the dog. We are always here to support our puppy parents and offer a lifetime of support for anything they may need.


Thank you for your interest in our program and we look forward to helping you find your best new furry friend AND family member!


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If we are busy with puppies & don't get back to you within 48 hours please send us another email...we are always here to help, but we put the needs of our puppies and parent dogs above all else. 

Adopting puppies to Central and Southern California... and beyond! 


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