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Become a Guardian Family

We are looking for local qualified Guardian Families to Adopt a Top Quality Breeder’s Choice Doodle~~Poodle~~or Pure Bred

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Do you live within 1-1.5 hours of the Central Valley in California? If so, you may be eligible to adopt one of our most unique and top quality doodles or poodles & pure bred dogs at a significantly reduced price, to work with us and be eligible to receive reimbursements & bonuses. We value our Guardian Families!

What is a Guardian Family? It’s a family or owner who legally adopts the best of the best doodle or poodle to love and raise in their home with 3D&P retaining the breeding rights for a couple of years. In addition to reimbursements there may be additional bonuses to earn.

Why are Guardian Families so important? In order to be a truly small family breeder you cannot have all your female or male dogs at your residence, even if your residence is a farm or a ranch. So, in order to ensure that each of our parent dogs receives enough personal attention, love, play and training it is best for a breeder to find a few local, approved families to own a male or female dog that will occasionally participate in our breeding program with monetary reimbursements and additional bonuses. Female dogs earn more, to put it frankly... because they do most of the work. However, males who only visit us a couple of hours a year still earn more than enough to cover the initial cost of the puppy and more.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian family owner please contact us for an application and we will send more information along with a Phase 1 application. We often have doodles or poodles available for guardian owners or we may have some in a few months.

This is to provide contact information only, we will get back to you shortly! There is a separate application sent to  begin the process.

Sometimes we have Puppies from one of our litters for guardian adoption & sometimes slightly older & already trained dogs


Available Guardian Adoption
Dogs Below



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Introducing the 1 & only Red Merle Bernedoodle Girl
From Daisy's-La Aviva Spring Litter
Now a  3 D & P Guardian Girl


Introducing Daisy's little
Blue Girl-from The Aviva Fresh as Spring Litter 
Nickname:  Jasmine

aka: Jazi  & Now Roxy

White  Flower

Jasmine or Jazi has been adopted into a wonderful local guardian family and she is now Known as: Miss Roxy or "foxy Roxy".

Contact us if you are interested in applying to become a future 3D&P guardian owner.

Guardian Needed

Charlie Needs a New Home~
He is up for a Special Adoption


I'm Charlie!

Available for Special Adoption to an approved home or breeder to love and raise... Charlie is a gorgeous 3 year old Blue Merle standard poodle, and has been a very important part of our program. Our program has went in a different direction and we know it is best for Charlie to find him a new loving home or breeder that will love him.


He has a gorgeous black coat with silver and white Merle patterns. His hair is super soft and easy to groom, he can go long hair or cut short in a variety of styles and always looks so regal and handsome!. He looks like a Doodle, but at a lower price for a Poodle.  He is a proven Stud and has sired 5 beautiful and healthy litters. He is fully cleared of any genetic conditions, furnished and receives a perfect 100% poodle report from Embark genetic testing.


He is a very gentle, sweet, extremely well-behaved and quiet demeanored dog. He loves to play catch, go for walks and cuddle up to you on the couch. He is very easy-going and is happy hanging out with people or just on his own. He loves to be indoors and outdoors, he does not have any bad habits. Above of all, he is super smart and already has learned all basic training skills. Charlie could be easily trained in higher level skills, as well as for therapy dog. 


If you’re interested please email us and fill-out the puppy application page and put Charlie as the type of doodle you want.


A Poodle is basically a Doodle all depends on how you want to groom them :)

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