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Why Choose Us


 We have an outstanding reputation with our clients, guardian families, and other breeders providing a friendly and professional service in pre-adoption, and post adoption.  We are a professionally trained  breeding program for puppy rearing and dog training. We offer a lifetime of support to our puppy parents. We are definitely not a backyard breeder and it is not about the money of selling puppies, it’s about the quality of care and decision making that goes into giving families the opportunity to own a great  and unique doodle dog.

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Refundable Deposit Options

We are not in the business of keeping your deposit as do most breeders.  We understand there may be times where prospective puppy parents need to change their minds and we offer a level of refunds depending on where in the adoption process it occurs and only deduct an amount based on a portion of our expenditure costs.  75% refund up to 2 weeks after birth (-processing fees), 40% refund up to 4 weeks after birth (-new advertising fees), 15% refund up to 6 weeks after birth (-rehoming fee). No Refund after 7 weeks after birth. Deposits may also be transferred to make reservations for a different upcoming litter if made before puppies birth, after that the transferable amount follows the same refund schedule listed above.

Reasonable Rates

 We pride ourselves in helping families bring home the best doodle or poodle of their choice in a fair and equitable manner.  Our adoption pricing is significantly lower than our competitors who offer a similar quality family-raised pup. Pricing is determined by each litter. We must calculate all the costs in the mating and birthing process. Our average cost range is typically between $1,800 -$2,500.

Outstanding Health
& Warranty

 We are highly trained in providing above standard care with additional veterinary care and medications to nurture growing puppies, we do not skimp on the cost. We also are trained to provide puppies with Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture, as well as temperament testing.  All of our puppies are sent home with a Health Guarantee and contract.

Family Raised Puppies

 Our dogs and puppies are 100% raised in our home with our children. Some breeders claim to raise puppies in their home, but still have kennels to birth and keep them in. Not us, we have professional whelping/birthing crates in our bedroom to personally observe and keep our young puppies 100% safe. Our dogs and puppies are socialized at an early age and are safely raised around our children, as well as other dogs and cats.


 We are centrally located in California, just 2 hours north of Los Angeles, the beach and The mountains.  We are able to schedule accessible local pick-ups within 50 miles of us, And partway meet-ups within 250 miles of us for a small fee.  We can also help you Arrange travel plans if you live further away, such as professional ground or air Transportation, or a we have several professional flight nannys to choose from and you Pay the transportation agency their current fee directly to them.


 You are never locked into a particular litter, and are able to choose the exact puppy You want, in the timing you want. We are also able to work with you on the Best way to get your new puppy to you, and if needed we are willing to offer Extended stay past the pick up date for a small fee.

Giving Back

 As a responsible breeder in the Doodle community, we desire to use a substantial amount Of any profits to give back to local non-profit animal services, shelters, and Rescues.  We are also able to help some local non-profit organizations with a puppy Donation from approved litters to assist with their fundraisinag/auction opportunities.

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